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We have dedicated activities organisers, who arrange a wide range of entertainment and offer staff support and guidance in using 'in house'  activities. 

We have regular planned events which include music, entertainers, gardening, movie evenings, games, cards, dominoes, crafting and much more. 

We have 3 'era rooms' including a '40's movie lounge', '1960's lounge' and 'reminiscence shop'. Our safe sensory garden is an idyllic place to spend time in, and enjoy such events as a bbq, gardening and summer entertainment. 

All our activities are approached from a person centred care perspective and cover a wide range of abilities. 

"activities are not always about 'doing things', such as entertainment, baking, knitting, etc. It's about being with people and communicating on a personal level"

An activity can be merely a 'tool' to achieving person centred care.